19 Apr. 2018

20% off selected Pestoff Products to keep the pest at bay

Who doesn’t remember Tom and Jerry. The beloved characters that most of us remember watching or reading growing up. They are mischievous in their cat and mouse game, but we’ve always cheered for Jerry to outsmart Tom to get the cheese.

However, we feel differently when it’s in our home that Tom and Jerry come and stay! 

Autumn and Winter is the time when rats and their smaller mates, mice, look for a nice warm snuggly shelter to settle down for the winter months. You may not appreciate providing free board until Spring at your place. If that’s the case, we have the supplies to keep them at bay and we will keep them on sale throughout the next four months just in case you need it. You can check these deals out on our On Sale page here. If you can’t come and see us, just give us a call.

Quick reminder that we will be closed on Saturdays during the winter period and we will be open for weekend trade from October.

Don’t forget, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge to solve all your landscape and growing challenges, so don’t hesitate to have a chat to our friendly team.

Joe – Sales & Technical Advisor

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