10 Jun 2019

Green Pavlova 2019

Green Pavlova is about bringing together New Zealand parks industry to learn new things about best practice, network and to discuss new ideas. This year we had the opportunity to exhibit and show our product range to the several thousand delegates at the conference over the three-day period.

When it comes to best practice and innovation, we were naturally very excited about the attention directed at our exclusive product, the TerraCottem Soil Conditioner that we showcased case studies on as to how it was used in the establishment of street revegetation within tough environmental situations. The delegates were also impressed at the breadth of products and services that LGS offer to our clients’ in the landscape and grower industries.

We hope to be able to exhibit in other trade fairs and conferences later in the year so that more people can get a better idea of the range of services LGS provides. We’re obviously a very well keep secret that needs to be shared. Feel free to spread the word.




Special thanks to the Team Turf.

  • By : LGS

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