05 Nov 2019


We’re certainly trying to get our heads around it and at the time of writing, just 7 Mondays until Christmas. We write this not to make you panic, but to help you plan all that needs be done and get prepared.

Preparation and maintenance is what this month is all about and our range of specials will help you with just that. Have you noticed the return of Codling moths at your place? Those caterpillars will be fattening themselves up on your plants. You need our fantastic new product, No Pests Organic Madex 2 Codling Moth Concentrate to stop that from happening. Codling moths adore pipfruit, this will stop them before the caterpillars burrow into pipfruit. Check out also this month great deals on Kiwi Cane Bamboo Stakes and Valagro Radifarm ideal for when you’re transplanting plants or in the early stages of root growth to enhance development. Finally, but certainly equally as important is Seawinner fertiliser which improves crop and soil condition and also enhances a plant’s resistance to adverse conditions and diseases.

LGS is no longer open on Saturdays but that shouldn’t stop you shopping because our website is open 24/7. Order in the weekend, we will despatch it to you on Monday!

LGS is open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm at 6 Westfield Place, Mt Wellington just off Vestey Drive.


Joe – Sales & Technical Adviser

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