16 May. 2018

It's time for strengthening liquid fertilisers and pest control

As winter starts to head toward our sunny shores, it’s a great time to prepare for the cooler months.

At this time of the year I would recommend using Agpro Easy Clean 50. It’s an easy product to use around the property to get rid of moss or lichen, whether it be in your greenhouse or pathways. It’s a one stop product to keep the premises tidy and hygienic.

LGS is proud to forge a new trade agreement with Adler Agro Spain to represent their range of plant strengthens and disease prevention liquid fertilisers. This month I highly recommend Adler Alga Nature as an eco-friendly natural biostimulant of concentrated seaweed extract that provides balance nutrients for plants and great for a pre-winter boost. It’s a proven product in the European market and a top-quality product for New Zealand conditions.

We all know as the temperature drops and the rain falls, then the pests arrive. To combat the invasion of these uninvited guests I recommend using our very reliable pest control range from Key Industries. The T Rex trap is the old fashioned chemical free solution to getting rid of rats and mice. It’s very low maintenance and completely reliable. At the same time the Key Industries Bait Stations do a great job to safely house rodent baits. Essential to prevent pets and animals from being tempted to consume poisons.

If you have any other questions on pest control or plant survival, come and talk to me.

We will be closed on Saturdays during the winter period and will be open for weekend trade from October.

Come in and visit us for your ONE STOP SHOP for all Landscape and Grower requirements. Can’t get to us, no problem, we can deliver directly to your site.

LGS is open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm at 6 Westfield Place, Mt Wellington just off Vestey Drive.

Joe – Sales & Technical Advisor

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