05 Jun 2019

TerraCottem at Rawhiti Golf Club, Christchurch

Located at Rawhiti Golf Club in New Brighton, Christchurch, a mixture of native and exotic trees were planted in November 2018 by Treetech Ltd on behalf of the Christchurch City Council. The site soil profile is 100% sand with wind exposure from the North East and North West. Never a good start at the best of times for new plants trying to establish themselves. LGS worked with the Christchurch City Council to provide TerraCottem in our belief that using this incredible product, the environmental factors mitigating the tree growth success would be diminished because of it.

During a visit to the location in March 2019, it was observed that the trees were exhibiting a very positive growth and establishment. The trees showed limited windburn on the periphery of the leaves which can be explained by the tree foliage adaptation to its new environment. They also have begun to show lateral and terminal growth, where normally in that environment they would display minimal visual advancement in such a short period of time since planting. The trees have also shown a very strong root development based on the observation of their physical condition and appearance.

It was noted there was no loss of plants over the hot and dry summer months that Christchurch experienced during the summer of 2018/2019.

We will keep you posted on this one but certainly, all indicators are pointing to the fact that with the use of TerraCottem, this planting project despite difficult environmental factors is a huge success.






  • By : LGS

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