23 Aug 2019

UNBELIEVABLE UPDATE – The TerraCottem Avon River Stop Bank, Burwood, Christchurch Project

It has been 8 months since we returned to the Christchurch City Red Zone area to review the planting that Treetech Specialist Treecare Ltd did in November 2018. You may recall from our Blog that they planted a mixture of native and exotic trees at Rawhiti Golf Club. This time they planted various New Zealand native plants along the Avon River stop bank within the red zone of the city where conditions were less than ideal for optimal planting success. 

In understanding what we are dealing with the medium that is used for stop bank control is typically not ideal for planting let alone the establishment of new trees. In addition, there is rarely nutritious topsoil that a newly established tree or plant will reap benefit from. The planting environment of which a large range of native plants need to establish themselves in along the banks of the Avon River is basically aggregate and more aggregate.

The photos below are taken alongside New Brighton Road in Burwood at the end of March 2019 after Canterbury had gone through a very dry summer. As you can see the area is incredibly dry with many earth fissures and cracks with little vegetation which is not surprising under these conditions.

What is truly remarkable is in just 8 months under intensely harsh environmental conditions, these newly planted trees are absolutely thriving. Not only that, they are producing shoots and are seeding for summer dispersal! We would go as far as to say that if you did not know better, it would be easy to make the assumption that these trees had been on the banks of the Avon River for years.

But, is it all been due to TerraCottem?
Without a doubt, unequivocally, YES!

According to Treetech, plants have struggled to establish in this environment and have generally died. TerraCottem has nurtured these trees though weeks of limited rain and hot conditions. The hydroabsorbent polymers within TerraCottem have supplied just enough water to help the trees during periods of no rain. The growth precursors in TerraCottem have reduced plant shock and allowed fine roots to establish, and the slow release fertiliser has provided plants with the nutrients they needed.

It's something that we have found in other locations too. The harsher the conditions of the soil, the better TerraCottem tends to works. Quite seriously, if you are planning a planting project, particularly in challenging environments, why would you not ensure success with TerraCottem?

It really is fairy dust for trees and shrubs!!



  • By : LGS

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