11 Jul 2019


And whilst we start to prepare ourselves for the turn of the season toward spring and then summer, our plants need some tender loving care to ensure that upon the arrival of spring, that they too are geared up to embrace the new season. 

Looking after plants with quality products is vital to ensure that the expense and effort you have gone to pays off which is why every month we identify and negotiate with our suppliers to offer you the best product for the time of the season, and this month is no different.

Flower Sticks and Hardwood Stakes are essential at this time of the year. These are on special this month, are not treated with chemicals so are going to work in perfect harmony with your growing requirements. Also, ensure you grab some Empak Tree Tie Webbing to use when tree planting with your hardwood stakes. It won’t knot or grab when you are using it and is durable. On top of all that, it will last for many years as won’t rot like other products might during the winter months.

If you are planning large scale planting, then Silvamix Forte Tabs are an essential slow release fertiliser to help ensure plant establishment. Just like we take vitamins and supplements to ensure our health, so too should our plants.

Just a reminder that LGS is not open on Saturdays during the winter months. No matter what the time of the year though, you can shop 24/7 online. 

You can find all the products mentioned above on our on sale.

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Joe – Sales & Technical Adviser

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